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Which of the following is a heterogeneous mixture ?
1. Air filled in a balloon
2. Brass
3. Stainless steel
4. Iodised table salt

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Iodised table salt


Homogenous and Heterogeneous mixture

Homogenous Mixture

Heterogeneous Mixture

It is the mixture of two or more substances in which constituent particles have homogeneity that means the size of particles is the same.

The size of particles is not the same inhomogeneous mixture.

Particles cannot be seen with the naked eye.

For example, in a solution of salt and water salt cannot be seen.

Particles can be seen by the naked eye.

For example, in a mixture of pebbles and iron, we can identify each of them.

Examples are

Solutions of salt and mixture, alloys: which are the solution of metals

Examples are

Sand water mixture

Milk, iodized salt


  • Iodised table salt is a heterogeneous mixture. 
  • Iodisation of salt is basically the physical process of mixing the iodine compound with common salt. 
  • The composition of consistent particles in the iodized salt is not uniform or homogenous.
  • Hence, even though the components are not identified by the naked eyes, Iodised table salt is not a homogenous mixture. 

So, the correct option is Iodised table salt.

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