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A and B started a mercantile establishment with initial investments within the ratio 4: 5 and their annual profits were within the ratio 2: 5, If A invested the cash for 10 months then for how many months B invested his money?

1. 22 months
2. 25 months
3. 21 months
4. 20 months
5. None of these

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : 20 months


Initial investments' ratio of A and B = 4: 5 

Ratio of their annual profits = 3: 5


Let us assume that

A invests 4x amount for 10 months and

B invests 5x amount for y months

According to the question,

(4x × 10)/(5x × y) = 2/5

20x × 10 = 10xy

Y = 20 months

Hence, B invested for 20 months

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