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‘RADAR’ stands for
1. Radio Detection and Ranging
2. Ready Advanced Appliance for Ranging
3. Range Detection Appliance for Airplane Ranging
4. Ready Advanced Airplane Ranging

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Radio Detection and Ranging

The correct answer is Radio Detection and Ranging.

  • RADAR stands for Radio Detection and Ranging System.
    • It is basically an electromagnetic system used to detect the location and distance of an object from the point where the RADAR is placed.
    • It works by radiating energy into space and monitoring the echo or reflected signal from the objects.
    • It operates in the UHF and microwave range.
      • Generally, it works in the microwave area of the electromagnetic spectrum that is calculated in hertz when frequencies extend from 400 MHz to 40 GHz.
  • Radar is an electromagnetic sensor, used to notice, track, locate, and identify different objects which are at certain distances.
    • Here the targets are nothing but ships, aircraft, astronomical bodies, automotive vehicles, spacecraft, rain, birds, insects, etc.
  • The essential parts of this system include the following:
    • Transmitter
    • Receiver
    • Antenna
    • Waveguides
    • Duplexer
    • Threshold Decision

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