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Which of the following is NOT a component of biotic community?
1. Decomposer
2. Consumer
3. Soil
4. Producer

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Soil

The correct answer is Soil.

  • The natural environment components can be classified into two:
    • Abiotic components
    • Biotic components
  • Abiotic components:
    • These components are not living but can support other living organisms. 
    • Example - Sunlight, Water, Soil, Rock, Minerals, etc.
  • Biotic components:
    • It includes all the living components present in an ecosystem.
    • Example: Plants, Animals, Fungi, Insects, etc.


  • Producers: The green plants present on the earth's surface which produces their own food only once by the process of photosynthesis in sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide form food for other organisms.
  • Consumer: These organisms directly (or) indirectly depend upon the green plants for the source of food. E.g. All animals including humans.
  • Decomposers: These are micro-organisms that decompose the complex compounds in the dead organic matter of plants and animals and again recycle the elements into the environment. E.g. Bacteria and fungi.

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