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Rancidity of oils and fats can be avoided by using _____.
1. antioxidant
2. antibiotic
3. colouring agent
4. preservatives

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : antioxidant

The correct answer is antioxidant.

  • The condition produced by aerial oxidation of fats and oils in foods marked by unpleasant smell and taste is called rancidity.
  • It spoils the food materials prepared in fats and oils which have been kept for a considerable time and make them unfit for eating.
  • The development of rancidity is prevented by different ways listed below:
    • It can be prevented by adding anti-oxidants to foods containing fats ad oils.
    • The two most common anti-oxidants are Butylated Hydroxy-Anisole (BHA) and Butylated Hydroxy-Toluene (BHT).
    • It can be prevented by packing fat and oil-containing foods in nitrogen gas.
    • It can be retarded by keeping food in a refrigerator.
    • It can also be retarded by storing food in air-tight containers.
    • It can be retarded by storing foods away from the lights.

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