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The red colour of onion is caused by the presence of which pigment?
1. Anthocyanins
2. Carotenes
3. Xanthophylls
4. Betacyanins

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Anthocyanins

The correct answer is ​Anthocyanins.

  • Anthocyanins can be defined as a type of compound with an antioxidant effect.
  • It is a type of flavonoid that give red, purple, and blue plant their rich coloring.
  • The food processing plants are rich in anthocyanins include -
  1. Blueberry
  2. Raspberry
  3. Black rice
  4. Black Soybean
  5. Cherry
  6. Redcurrant
  7. Nortan Grape
  8. Red Cabbage

  • Anthocyanins are also used as Ph indicators because their color changes with Ph.
  • They are red and pink in acidic solutions, purple in neutral solutions, and greenish in alkaline solution.

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