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Ayush travels from his home in the city to his village in his car at a speed of 45 kmph in 5 hours. Find the distance between Ayush's home in the city and the village.  
1. 200 kms
2. 250 kms 
3. 225 kms
4. 180 kms

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : 225 kms


Speed of Car = 45 kmph

Time taken by Car = 5 hours


The distance travelled or covered by a person or an object in unit time, is called its speed.

Speed = Distance Covered/Time Taken

⇒ S = D/T

where S = Speed,

D = Distance Covered

and T = Time Taken

The unit of speed is m/s or km/h or kmph.


We know that, Distance Covered = Speed × Time Taken

D = S × T 

⇒ D = 45 × 5

⇒ D = 225 kms

∴ The distance between Ayush's home in the city and the village is 225 kilometres.

While finding the distance covered by a person or an object, the unit of speed and the unit of time taken should be correct i.e. if speed is in kmph then the time taken should be in hours and if speed is in m/s then the time taken should be in seconds.

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