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Which of the following is not the displacement method?
1. Column analogy method
2. Moment distribution method
3. Kani's method
4. Equilibrium method.

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Column analogy method


When in addition to equilibrium equations, compatibility equations are used to evaluate the unknown reactions and internal forces in any structure, such analysis is called indeterminate analysis, and such structure is called indeterminate structure.

We have two distinct methods of analysis for such an indeterminate structure:

a. Force method of analysis

b. Displacement method of analysis

Difference between force method and Displacement method:-

Force Method / Flexibility method

Displacement Method / Stiffness method

Used when DS < Dk

Used when Ds > Dk

Forces are redundant or unknowns

Displacements are redundant or unknowns

Equilibrium equations and compatibility equations are required for the solution.

Equilibrium equations and compatibility equations are required for the solution

Starts with equilibrium equations and Then forces are found using compatibility equations.

Starts with compatibility equations and then displacements are found using equilibrium equations.

No. of unknowns = D(Degree of static indeterminacy)

No. of unknowns = D(Degree of kinematic indeterminacy)

Not suitable for programming as no iterations required.

Suitable for programming


1. Method of consistent deformation

2. The theorem of least work

3. Column analogy method

4.Flexibility matrix method


1.Slope deflection method

2.Moment distribution method

3. Kani’s method

4.Stiffness matrix method

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