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Which of the following Sultanate was ruled by the Nizam Shahi Dynasty?
1. Golconda
2. Ahmednagar
3. Bijapur
4. Berar

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Ahmednagar

The correct answer is Ahmednagar.

  • Ahmednagar Sultanate was ruled by the Nizam Shahi Dynasty.

  • Ahmednagar Sultanate also known as the Nizam Shahi dynasty.
  • The Ahmadnagar Sultanate was established by Malik Ahmed Shah Bahri after defeating the Bahmani Army led by Jahangir Khan on May 28, 1490.
  • The territory of the Ahmadnagar Sultanate was situated between the sultanates of Gujarat and Bijapur in the north-western part of the Deccan plateau.
  • Initially, Junnar was the capital of the Nizam Shahi dynasty but later in the year 1494, Bahri laid the foundation for the new capital Ahmednagar.
  • Berar was annexed in the year 1574 by Murtaza Shah. Later in the year 1596, Chand Bibi defended the Nizam Shahi dynasty against the Mughal invasion but was later again defeated in the year 1599 after the death of Chand Bibi.
  • In the year 1600, Murtaza Shah II was declared as the sultan and later Khadki became the new capital of the dynasty.
  • The Ahmadnagar sultanate was finally conquered by Aurangzeb in 1636 AD, who was then the Mughal viceroy of Deccan.

  • The Deccan Sultanates were the five different Muslim-ruled dynasties of the medieval period that ruled in Golconda, Bijapur, Bidar, Ahmednagar, and Berar of South-Central India.
  • These 5 kingdoms were situated between the Vindhya Ranges and the Krishna River in the Deccan Plateau which later became independent states during the disintegration of the Bahmani Sultanates. 

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