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Select the word pair which has the same relation between the words as between the words of the given word pair.

Spread : Suppress

1. Holy ∶ profane
2. Mild : Soft
3. Reluctant : Shy
4. Cool : Kind

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Holy ∶ profane

The logic follows here is:

Spread ∶ suppress → are antonym words of each other.


Holy ∶ profane → are antonyms words of each other.

Therefore, "holy ∶ profane" is the correct answer.

Word Meaning
Spread To affect a larger area or a bigger group of people; to make something do this.
Press To push something firmly
Holy Connected with God or with religion and therefore very special or important
Profane Not connected with religion or holy things; secular
Mild Not strong
Soft Smooth and pleasant to touch; not rough
Reluctant Not wanting to do something because you are not sure it is the right thing to do
Shy Nervous and uncomfortable about meeting and speaking to people; showing that somebody feels like this
Cool Calm; not excited or angry
Kind Caring about others; friendly and generous


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