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Which one of the following pacts sought to resolve the Hindu-Muslim differences?
1. Lahore pact
2. Gandhi-Irwin Pact 
3. Poona Pact 
4. Lucknow pact

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Lucknow pact

The correct answer is Lucknow Pact.

  • At Lucknow, the Congress and the All India Muslim League sank their old differences and put up common political demands before the government by signing the historic Congress-League Pact, known popularly as the Lucknow Pact.
    • An important role in bringing the two together was played by Lokmanya Tilak and Mohammad Ali Jinnah because the two believed that India could win self-government only through Hindu-Muslim unity.
    • The Lucknow Pact of December 1916 was an understanding between the Congress and the Muslim League (controlled by the UP-based “Young Party”) and provided a joint political platform for the Moderates, Radicals, and the Muslim League.
    • The two organizations passed the same resolutions at their sessions, put forward a joint scheme of political reforms based on separate electorates, and demanded that the British Government should make a declaration that it would confer self-government on India at an early date.
    • The Lucknow Pact marked an important step forward in Hindu-Muslim unity.
    • Lucknow session of Indian National Congress was presided by Ambika Charan Mazumdar.
    • In the Lucknow session of 1916, the All India Muslim League was also merged with Indian National Congress.

  • Poona pact (September 1932) was signed between Ambedkar and Gandhiji.
    • It gave the depressed classes reserved seats in provincial and central legislative councils, which were to be voted in by the general electorate.
  • Gandhi-Irwin Pact, an agreement signed on March 5, 1931, between Gandhiji and Lord Irwin.
    • It marked the end of a period of civil disobedience (satyagraha) in India against British rule that Gandhi and his followers had initiated with the Salt March (March–April 1930).
  • In Lahore session 1929, the resolution of Poorna Swaraj was taken.

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