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Two cities Bhilai and Manmad are 465 km distant. A car starts from Bhilai towards Manmad at 10 AM with the speed 65 km/hr. Another car leaves from Manmad towards Bhilai at 11 AM with the speed 35 km/hr. Find the time at which both the cars meet. 
1. 3 PM
2. 8 PM 
3. 3 AM
4. 4 PM
5. None of these 

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : 3 PM


Distance between bhilai and manmad = 465 km


Relative speed = S1 + S2…………….(opposite direction)


Distance covered by car leaving from Bhilai = 65 km/hr x 1 hr = 65 km 

Distance left = 465 – 65 = 400 km 

Now, the car from Manmad also gets moving and both are moving towards each other. 

Applying the formula for relative speed, 

Relative speed = 65 + 35 = 100 km/hr 

Time required by the carsto meet = 400/100 = 4 hours 

Thus, the cars meet at 4 hours after 11 AM, i.e., 3 PM. 

The cars will meet at 3PM.

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