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Resources which are found in a region but have not been utilised are called _________.
1. Developed Resources
2. Stock
3. International Resources
4. Potential Resources

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Potential Resources

The correct answer is Potential Resources.

  • The 'resources which are available in a 'region' but 'have not been utilized' are known as “potential resources”.

  • These resources can be used in the future. For example, mineral oils exist in many parts of India but still, they are not put into use because of the need for the future.
  • Developed resources- These are the resources that are surveyed and developed for utilization and are being used currently.
  • It is also known as actual resources.
  • For example liquid gas and petroleum in Bombay High of Maharashtra.
  • Stock-These are resources that we know are present but we don't have any technology to extract them. For example, water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen which is inflammable but we do not know how to extract energy from these two elements. 
  • International resources- These are resources that belong to all the countries of the world. For example, oceanic resources after 200 km of the international border are controlled by international institutions.

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