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Who were the Faraizis?
1. Followers of Haji Shariatullah
2. Followers of Dadu
3. Followers of the Arya Samaj
4. Followers of the Muslim League

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Followers of Haji Shariatullah

The correct answer is Followers of Haji Shariatullah.

  • Faraizi Movement was the religious reform movement launched by Haji Shariatullah.
  • It was a religious reform movement in the 19th century for Bengali Muslims.
  • The followers of the Haji Shariatullah are known as Faraizis.
  • The movement was to revive Islam and improve the condition of Muslim peasants who were opposed by Hindu and British landlords. 
  • The Faraizi movement spread with extraordinary rapidity in the districts of Dhaka, Faridpur, Bakerganj, Mymensingh, Tippera (Comilla), Chittagong, and Noakhali as well as to the province of Assam.
  • The movement, however, gained the greatest momentum in those places where the Muslim peasantries were depressed under the oppressive domination of Hindu zamindars and European indigo planters.

  • The Arya Samaj was founded in 1875 by Swami Dayananda Saraswati (1824-83). Swami Dayananda Saraswati was a Sanskrit scholar.
    • Arya Samaj prevents child marriages and fixed the minimum marriageable age for boys and girls. The minimum marriageable age for boys and girls are 25 years and 16 years respectively.
    • Under the samaj, Inter-caste marriage and widow remarriage were encouraged.
    • Even today, Arya Samaj Mandirs (temples) perform such acts with sincerity and promptness.
    • Equal status for women (both in letter and spirit) was the demand of the samaj.
  • On 30 December 1906, the All-India Muslim League (AIML) was founded in Dhaka, British India (now in Bangladesh).
    • It was popularly known as the Muslim League.
    • AIML was the first Muslim political party in India.
    • The founders of the Muslim League were: Khwaja Salimullah, Vikar-ul-Mulk, Syed Amir Ali, Syed Nabiullah, Khan Bahadur Ghulam, and Mustafa Chowdhury.
    • The first Honorary President of the League was Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah (Aga Khan III).
  • The followers of the 16th-century saint Dadu Dayal called Dadu Panth.
    • Followers of Dadu Dayal can be classified into 5 groups:- Khalsa, Virakta, Sthandhari, Uttaradev, and Khaki.
    • Dadu Dayal stressed faith in God and Guru, knowledge of self, love, morality, the futility of casteism, truth, and simple life.
    • Naraina is the principal seat of Dadu Panthis where clothes & pothis of Dadu Ji are kept.
    • His teachings have been consolidated by his disciples Dadudayal Ki Vani & Dadudayal-Ra-Duha.

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