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Who among the following was considered to be the preceptor of Mirabai?
1. Dadu
2. Raidas
3. Ramanand
4. Surdas

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Raidas

The correct answer is Raidas.

  • Mira Bai was a Rajput princess, the only child of Ratan Singh, younger brother of the ruler of Merta.
  • Her royal education included music and religion as well as instruction in politics and government. 
  • An image of Krishna given to her during childhood by a holy man began a lifetime of devotion to Krishna, whom she worshipped as her Divine Lover.
  • Mira Bai was married in 1516 to Bhoj Raj, crown prince of Mewar. 
  • Guru Raidas, a low caste leather worker was the preceptor of Mirabai.

  • Dadu was a Hindu-Muslim saint who inspired the formation of a sect called Dadu Panth.
  • Dadu became a religious wanderer and preacher, settling for periods of time at Sembhar, at Amber, and finally at Naraina, near Jaipur.
  • Ramananda, also called Ramanand or Ramadatta, was north Indian Brahman (priest), and fifth in succession in the lineage of the philosopher-mystic Ramanuja. 
  • Surdas was a 16th century blind Hindu devotional poet and singer.
  • He was known for his lyrics written in praise of Krishna.
  • They are usually written in Braj Bhasha, one of the two literary dialects of Hindi.

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