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The composition of gases in exosphere is
1. Helium and Hydrogen.
2. Neon and Oxygen.
3. Neon and Hydrogen.
4. Helium and Neon.

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Helium and Hydrogen.

The correct answer is Helium and Hydrogen.

  • The exosphere is the outermost layer of the atmosphere.
  • It starts above the ionosphere at a height of 400 km and stretches up to 10,000 km
  • Light gases like helium and hydrogen float into space from here.
  • The temperature in this layer gradually increases through the layer as the sunlight invades it.

  • Gases in various layers of the atmosphere:
    • Troposphere - Nitrogen (78.08%), oxygen (20.95% ), argon (0.93% ), carbon dioxide (0.04%), methane, dinitrogenoxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, sulphate, nitrogen dioxide, and hydroxyl radical.
    • Stratosphere - Nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and trace elements like neon and helium.
    • Mesosphere -  Nitrogen, oxygen, and ozone. 

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