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What causes Nitrogen to be Inert?
1. Multiple bond formation
2. Absence of bond polarity
3. Short internuclear distance
4. High Bond energy

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : High Bond energy


  • The element Nitrogen is the first member of group 15 or V A.
  • Nitrogen is a typical non - metal. It is essential for both plants and animals.
  • The electronic configuration of Nitrogen is 1s22s22p3.
  • Nitrogen consists of mostly 78.1 % of the earth's atmosphere.
  • However, it is not equally abundant in the earth's crust. It is the third most abundant element in the earth's crust.
  • Nitrogen is an important constituent of amino acids in proteins.
  • Nitrates are highly soluble in water.


  • Nitrogen is an inert element, it is a diatomic gas that shows reactivity only at high temperatures.
  • The nitrogen molecule is covalent and non-polar.
  • Nitrogen forms a triple bond with other nitrogen atoms forming N2 molecules.
  • As triple bonds are strong, it is not broken by the collision between the nitrogen molecules at room temperature.
  • Furthermore, its octet is complete and it does not require additional electrons.
  • Only at high temperatures, sufficient energy is provided by the collision to break the triple bond.
  • Thus at high temperatures, nitrogen molecule gets dissociated and shows some reactivity.

Hence, the reason for Nitrogen to be inert is its high bond energy.

  • Note that multiple bond formation always doesn't necessarily mean that the molecule will be inert.

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