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Who among the following is the inventor of the differential engine and analytical engine, which paved the way for the development of computers?
1. Steve Jobs
2. Manny Fernandes
3. Charles Babbage
4. Bill Gates

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Charles Babbage

The correct answer is Charles Babbage.

  • Charles Babbage (1791-1871):
    • ​Charles Babbage the computer pioneer designed two classes of the engine, Difference Engines, and Analytical Engines. Difference engines are so-called because of the mathematical principle on which they are based, namely, the method of finite differences. The beauty of the method is that it uses only arithmetical addition and removes the need for multiplication and division which are more difficult to implement mechanically.
    • Charles Babbage was an English polymath. A mathematician, philosopher, inventor, and mechanical engineer, Babbage originated the concept of a digital programmable computer. Charles Babbage is the "father of the computer".


Engine Features
Differential Engine
  • It can only do one mathematical operation.
  • It can only perform the addition function.
  • It helps in solving the various types of complex problems.
  • It is performed to calculate the polynomial functions.
  • It is a type of simple mechanical computer.
Analytical Engine
  • It can do the 4 basic mathematical operations
  • It does not provide much overview of the design's general purpose.
  • The basic arithmetic operations in this are independent of each other.
  • It is slower in speed.
  • Analytical Engine is not been constructed because of its mechanical complexities

  • Steve Jobs:
    • Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple Inc.
    • He died at age 56 from pancreatic cancer on 6 October 2011.
    • Steve Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 along with Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak.
    • Steve Jobs co-founded and was the CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, which created animated films.
    • He became a member of the board of directors of the Walt Disney Company in 2006, following the acquisition of Pixar by Disney.
  • Bill Gates:
    • Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and the world’s second-richest person. Bill Gates has stepped down from Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway boards.
    • Bill Gates recently announced that he steps down from the public boards to focus on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's philanthropic work and his wife Melinda Gates.
    • Bill Gates’ new book titled How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need will be released in June 2020.

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