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Which one of the following was not a part of the dhamma of King Ashoka?
1. Honouring the king
2. Tolerance of religions other than one's own
3. Respecting Brahmanas
4. Promoting the welfare of his subjects

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Honouring the king

The correct answer is honouring the king.

  • Ashoka was the great Mauryan ruler and grandson of the dynasty's founder Chandragupta Maurya.
  • Ashoka became a Buddhist in the 9th year of his reign i.e., a year after the conquest of Kalinga.
  • Dhamma is Prakrit form of the Sanskrit word 'Dharma'.
  • Ashoka’s dhamma was neither a new religion nor a new political philosophy, it was a way of life.
  • Ashoka denounced all useless ceremonies and sacrifices held under the influ­ence of superstition.
  • One of the striking features of Asoka’s edicts is that he regards himself as a father figure for the people. Hence honoring the king was not dhamma.

  • Ashoka's major dhamma is inscribed in 14 rock edicts. Some of the important dhamma are:
    • Prohibition of animal sacrifices in festive and public gatherings.
    • It pleads for toleration amongst all religions.
    • Respect for others and regard even for slaves and servants and donations to sramanas and Brahmans.
    • Emphatic plea for toleration amongst the various religions.
    • Plantation of medicinal herbs and trees and digging of wells along the roads, which describes the promotion of welfare of the people.

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