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What is the main basis of classification in the five-kingdom system?
1. Structure of cell wall
2. Structure of the nucleus
3. Asexual Reproduction
4. Mode of Nutrition

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Mode of Nutrition

The correct answer is Mode of Nutrition.

  • In 1969, R.H. Whittaker introduced the five-kingdom system of classification.
  • In the five-kingdom system, the basis of classification is the complexity of cell structure, physical organization, nutrition method, and life cycle.
  • Aristotle firstly divided the living world into two groups, namely, flora and fauna.
  • After that, in his book 'Systema Naturae', Linnaeus classified all animals into plants and animals.
  • Linnaeus is called the 'father of modern classification system'.

  • Whittaker classified all creatures in the following five kingdoms -
  1. Kingdom Monera-
    • ​​This world consists of prokaryotic organisms ie Bacteria, Cyanobacteria, and Archaebacteria.
  2. Kingdom Protista-
  • This world consists of unicellular eukaryotic organisms. Yuglina, which is situated between plants and animals, is included in this world.
  1. Kingdom Fungi-
  • This includes organisms dependent on parasites and dead food for food. Their cell wall is made of chitin.
  1. Plant World (Kingdom Plantae)-
  • This world consists of algae and multicellular green plants.
  1. Kingdom Animal-
  • This includes all multicellular animals. It is also called 'Metazoa'.

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