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Fill in the blanks

The ________ Circuit, means the switch is ________ and current is flowing in the circuit. 

1. Open, ON
2. Closed, OFF
3. Closed, ON
4. None is correct

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Closed, ON



  • A circuit is the path of electric current to flow. 
  • It consists of a source of current or potential difference that can be an electric cell or a battery. 
  • It may consist a circuit breaker or switch and other devices like a bulb. 


  • A switch is a device that acts as a circuit breaker as per requirement. 
  • When the switch is closed, that means the path of the current or circuit is closed or completed. 
  • We say the switch is ON in this case. 
  • When we don't want the current to flow through the connected device, the switch is made off.
  • The circuit is made to open so that no current can flow through it.


So, to make the current flow, we need to switch ON. This is the case when the current is flowing and the switch is closed. 

So, the correct option is Closed, ON.

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