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The cranial capacity of Homo habilus was 
1. 900 cc
2. 650-800 cc
3. 1400 cc
4. 1800 cc

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : 650-800 cc


  • The creature that is called the first human-like being (hominid) is Homo habilus.
  • Homo habilus means ''able man'' or ''handyman'' in Latin.
  • They had human-like hands & feet, which indicates their ability to handle objects with great precision.
  • Their first fossils were found at Olduvai Gorge in northern Tanzania (East Africa)
  • Homo habilus had a brain capacity of 650 - 800 cc.
  • They did not eat meat.


Human Ancestors Time of origin General features


20 - 25 mya Ape-like, hairy, arms & legs of the same length, large brain, ate soft fruits & leaves
Ramapithecus 14 - 15 mya More man like, walked more erect, teeth like modern man
Australopithecus 3 - 4 mya Fossils found in Tanzania & Ethiopia, man-like primates, brain capacity was 400-600 cc
Homo habilus 2 mya Fossils found in East Africa, first human-like beings, brain capacity 650-800 cc
Homo erectus 1.5 mya Fossils found in Java, brain capacity 900 cc, ate meat
Homo sapiens neanderthalesis (Neanderthal man) 100,000 - 40,000 years ago Fossils found in east and central Asia, brain size 1400 cc, used hides to protect the body, buried their dead
Homo sapiens (Modern man) 75,000 - 10,000 years ago Developed cave-art, agriculture, started human civilization

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