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Which of the following is a silk textile producing centre in Bihar?
1. Motipur
2. Bajari
3. Bhagalpur
4. Dalmianagar
5. None of the above/More than one of the above

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Bhagalpur

The correct answer is Bhagalpur.

  • Bhagalpur is a silk textile producing centre in Bihar.
  • Bhagalpur Silk:
    • Bhagalpuri silk or Tussar silk is a traditional style of silk saris and other clothes from Bhagalpur, Bihar in India.
    • Some of the silk production centres in Bhagalpur are - Textile and Crafts Center, FABLOOM, Hayat Handloom, Bahram Raw Silk.
    • This material is used for making saris named as Bhagalpur sari.
    • Bhagalpur is also known as the "silk city" of India.
    • Bhagalpuri silk is made from cocoons of Antheraea paphia silkworms.
    • This species, also known as Vanya silkworm is native to India.
    • These silkworms live in the wild forests, in trees belonging to Terminalia species.
    • Nathnagar is a place where Bhagalpuri silk is mainly processed.
    • Besides sari, shawls, Kurtis, and other garments are also made from Bhagalpuri silk.

  • Dalmianagar:
    • Dalmianagar is one of the oldest and biggest industrial towns in India.
    • It is situated at Dehri-on-Sone on the banks of the Son River in Rohtas district of Bihar.
    • This is a city and a Municipality in Rohtas district in the state of Bihar, India, combinedly known as Dehri-Dalmianagar Nagar Palika.
    • The Industrial town of Dalmianagar was founded by the industrialist Ramkrishna Dalmia, a doyen of business in 20th century India and founder of the Dalmia Group.
    • The prosperity of Dalmianagar started to decline in the mid-1970s as the law and order situation in this industrial town began to worsen.
    • The local mafia indulged in dacoity and kidnapping.
    • Slowly, executives and professionals began to leave and the factories were mismanaged.
  • Silk Industry In Bihar:
    • Bihar has ample potential to house textile units and other value chain activities.
    • Silk is the focus product in Bihar, for textile units.
    • Bihar has been famous for the production of silk.
    • Bhagalpur district of Bihar has been a centre of silk fabric manufacturing.
    • Tassar silk of Bhagalpur is an exclusive product of Bihar which has the potential to fetch premium prices.
    • Bihar had produced around 60 tonnes of silk during 2014-15.

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