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Ownership of minor forest produces comes under ________.

1. Gram Panchayat 
2. Janpad Panchayat
3. Zila Panchayat
4. State Government

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Gram Panchayat 

The correct answer is Gram Panchayat.

  • The Gram Sabha in the Panchayat Act was entrusted with wide-ranging powers starting from consultation on land acquisition to that of ownership over minor forest produces and leasing of minor minerals
  • The Panchayat is chaired by the president of the village, known as a Sarpanch.
  • The term of the elected representatives is five years.
  • The Secretary of the Panchayat is a non-elected representative, appointed by the state government, to oversee Panchayat activities.


  • The important functions of a Gram Panchayat:
    • Providing an adequate number of street lights.
    • Ensuring prompt registration and reporting of birth and deaths.
    • Ensuring universal enrollment of children in primary school
    • Achieving universal immunization of children.
    • Providing sanitation and proper drainage.
    • Construction, repair, and maintenance of public streets.
    • Maintenance of records relating to the population census, crop census, cattle census.
    • Drinking water.

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