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Nalanda Vihar was destroyed by :
1. Bakhtiyar Khalji
2. Qutubddin Aibak
3. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
4. Alauddin Khalji
5. None of the above/More than one of the above

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Bakhtiyar Khalji

The correct answer is Bakhtiyar Khalji.

  • Nalanda was a Buddhist monastery and was a well-known center of learning situated in the kingdom of Magadh.

  • It contributed greatly to the emergence of India being a great power around the 4th century.
  • It is situated about 95 from Patna and was among the greatest centers of learning in the world from 5th to 1200 CE.
  • It has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
  • It was destroyed three times but was rebuilt twice.
  • For the third time, it was destroyed by Bakhtiyar Khalji in 1200 CE.
  • Bakhtiyar Khalji was a Turko-Afghan military general who was the leader of the Muslim conquests of Bihar and Bengal region and later on established himself as their ruler.
  • The first conqueror of Bihar was Mohammed- bin-Bakhtiar Khalji.
  • He captured Bihar and Bengal in 1200.
  • Nalanda was the world's first university which was completely destroyed and it had millions of books that were burned.
  • It is believed that the books in this university burned for 3 months.

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