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In India, the cultivated area under certified organic farming has grown from 42,000 ha in 2003-04 to ______ in 2013-14.

1. 3.73 lakh ha
2. 5.44 lakh ha
3. 7.23 lakh ha
4. 10.21 lakh ha

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : 7.23 lakh ha

The correct answer is 7.23 lakh ha.

  • In 2001, the Government of India announced a national policy on the growth of organic products. The confirmed area under certified organic farming increased from just 42,000 ha in 2003-04 to 7 lakh ha now. In fact, in 2016-17, the overall area under certified management for organic farming is 11.8 lakh ha, including area under-conversion in Year-1, Year-2, and Year-3 stages.”
  • Among the organic crops, the largest area, at 3.8 lakh ha, is under cotton cultivation. Other popular organic agro-products include high-value soyabean, fruits and vegetables, cereals and basmati rice, tea, coffee, and milk, he said.
  • organic products are priced anywhere between 20 percent and 75 percent higher than the conventional ones.
  • The Indian market for organic products is export-focused. Out of the estimated ₹5,000-crore market, ₹3,800 crore comes from exports. It is expected to cross the $1.50 billion (about ₹10,000 crores) mark by 2020.
  • The global demand for organic products is growing at 20-25 percent per annum. India’s market itself is growing at 40-50 percent. The worldwide sales is expected to increase from $80 billion in 2015 to $100 billion in 2017.

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