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Which mountain range divides the state of Rajasthan into East Rajasthan and Western Rajasthan?
1. Western Ghats Range
2. Aravali Range
3. Vindhyachal Range
4. Purvanchal Range

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Aravali Range

The correct answer is the Aravali Range.

  • The Aravali Range divides the state of Rajasthan into East Rajasthan and Western Rajasthan.

  • Aravali Range
    • The Aravalli Range is a mountain range approximately 670 km long in a southwest direction, starting near Delhi, passing through southern Haryana and Rajasthan, and ending in Gujarat.
    • The highest peak is Guru Shikhar at 1,722 meters. 
    • The Aravalli Range is the oldest block of mountains in India.
    • It divides Rajasthan into two halves.
    • With three-fifths of Rajasthan on the western side towards the Thar Desert and two-thirds on the eastern side.
    • Aravalli range acts as a barrier and prevents the monsoon winds to enter Rajasthan. 
    • Rajasthan receives less rainfall because it lies in the rain shadow area of the Aravalli hills, which obstructs the path of moisture-carrying winds.


  • Western Ghats Range
    • The Western Ghats aka Sahyadri is a mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, traversing the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. 
    • It is the most diverse area in terms of biodiversity richness.
  • Vindhyachal Range
    • The Vindhya Range is a complex, discontinuous chain of mountain ridges, hill ranges, highlands, and plateau in west-central India.
    • The Malwa plateau lies between Aravali and Vindhya ranges.
  • Purvanchal Range
    • Eastern Hills or The Purvanchal is the southward extension of the Himalayas. 
    • The five important hills of the purvanchal range are Naga Hills, Manipuri Hills, Garo-Khasi Hills, Mizo Hills, and Jaintia Hills.

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