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The graphite rods in the nuclear reactor
1. react with Uranium to release energy
2. produce neutrons
3. undergo combustion which triggers the nuclear fission
4. convert fast moving neutrons into thermal neutrons

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : convert fast moving neutrons into thermal neutrons

The correct answer is convert fast moving neutrons into thermal neutrons.

  • In nuclear reactor graphite rods are used as moderator or controller.
    • Application of moderator is to slow down the neutron and controller is to control the number of neutron.

  •  Graphite rods function as moderator or controller in nuclear reactor to control the rate of reaction.
    • Graphite facilitates the fission chain reaction in a graphite reactor by slowing neutrons.
    • With more neutrons becoming available and few control rods inserted to absorb them, the chain reaction accelerated.
    • The power level in the reactor began to rise.

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