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The joint where our neck joins the head is a
1. Ball and socket joint
2. Pivotal joint
3. Hinge joint
4. Fixed joints

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Pivotal joint

The correct answer is the Pivotal joint.

The joint where our neck joins the head is a pivotal joint. It allows us to bend our head forward and backwards and turn the head to our right or left. In a pivotal joint, a cylindrical bone rotates in a ring.

  •  The ball and socket joint provides swinging and rotating movements.
    • The articulating bone is received into the cavity of another bone, allowing the distal bone to move around three main axes with a common centre.
    • The joint has to stabilize ligaments that limit the directions and extent to which the bones can be moved
  • Hinge joints are those that allow movement along one plane.
    • They facilitate bending and straightening actions, such as flexing a finger.
    • In a hinge joint, protective cartilage covers the bones, and a thick gel called synovial fluid lubricates them, allowing them to move without rubbing against one another.

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