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During whose rule was the Zabt system of revenue settlement introduced?
1. Ala-ud-di Khilji
2. Sher Shah
3. Akbar
4. Shah Jahan

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Akbar

The correct answer is Akbar.

  • The Zabt System or Dahsala System was introduced by Raja Todarmal.
  • He was Akbar's competent finance minister.
  • Under the reign of Akbar, he performed his duty in Agra and later served as the governor of Gujarat.
  • This system introduces in the year 1580-82 to put a check on the problems that were arising due to fixing prices each year and revenue settlement of the last year.
  • Under the Dahsala or Zabti System, there was no ten years settlement on the crops.
  • It was based on the average prices and produces during the last ten years.
  • This system was basically in practice during Shershah Suri but was honed perfectly during Akbar’s reign.
  • The system of Zabt did not apply to the provinces of Gujarat and West Bengal because in those areas the rulers of the Mughal empire were not able to keep the data and track of the records of the revenue system.

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