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Amount of compaction greatly affects:
1. Water content and Maximum dry intensity
2. Saturation of soil
3. None of the above
4. All of the above

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Water content and Maximum dry intensity



Compaction is the process by which the soil particles are rearranged artificially and packed together into a closed state of contact by mechanical means in order to decrease the porosity of soil and thus increasing dry density.

  • In compaction a rapid release of 'air voids' takes place.
  • R R Proctor (1933) showed that there exists a definite relationship between the soil water content and the degree of dry density to which a soil might be compacted.
  • Also, that dry density greatly depends upon the amount of compaction energy applied to that soil.



The amount of compaction energy greatly affects the maximum dry density and optimum water content (at which the soil attains maximum density).

The increase in compacting energy results in an increase in the maximum dry density and a decrease in the optimum water content.

 A difference between compaction and consolidation is stated below to get a clear view

Sl No




Reduction of air voids

Reduction of voids


Instantaneous process

A gradual and lengthy process


Can be performed in the field

Cannot be performed in the field

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