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A rectangular plot of land or area 0.45 hectare is represented on a map by a similar rectangle of area 5 cm2. Calculate R. F. of the scale of the map. Draw a scale to read upto a single metre from the map.
1. 1 : 5000
2. 1 : 8000
3. 1 : 9000
4. 1 : 3000

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : 1 : 3000


Representative fraction:

  • It represents the ratio of the number of units on the map to the number of units on the ground.
  • It represents a unit-less ratio.

The representative fraction of the area is given by –

\(R.F = \sqrt {\frac{a}{A}} \)


a – area of the plot on the map (cm2)

A – area of the plot on the ground (cm2)



a = 5 cm2

A = 0.45 × 104 m2 = 4500 × 104 cm2

\(\therefore R.F.\; = \sqrt {\frac{5}{{4500 \times {{10}^4}}}} = \frac{1}{{3000}}\)

  • The representative fraction for length is given by -

\(R.F =\frac{l}{L}\)


l - length of the line on the map (cm)

L - length of the line on the ground (cm)

  • The representative fraction for volume is given by -



v - volume on the map (cm3)

V - volume on the ground (cm3)

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