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The fuel used in nuclear power plant is:
1. Gasoline
2. Gold
3. Uranium
4. Radium

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Uranium

The correct answer is Uranium.

  • Nuclear Power Plant
    • It is a type of power plant that uses the process of nuclear fission in order to generate electricity.
    • They do this by using nuclear reactors in combination with the Rankine cycle, where the heat generated by the reactor converts water into steam, which spins a turbine and a generator.
  • Uranium
    • It is a silvery-white element.
    • Its atomic number is 92 and its mass number is 238.
    • This element was discovered by German Chemist MH Klaproth.
    • It is also called the metal of hope.
    • It does not occur in the free state and is extracted from pitch blended ore.
    • It is used in the atomic reactor as nuclear fuel.

  • Gasoline
    • It is a derivative product of crude oil or petroleum.
    • It is derived during the fractional distillation process and has a translucent liquid form.
    • It is not used in its crude form. Different additives are added like ethanol to use as fuel for passenger vehicles.
  • Gold
    • It is a soft, bright yellow-colored lustrous metal.
    • Its atomic number is 79 and its mass number is 197.
    • It occurs in nature in free element form or in alluvial deposits or in the form of ores.
    • It is used in making ornaments, coins, electroplating, and in the sugar and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Radium
    • Radium is a silvery-white metal that does not occur free in nature.
    • It is a chemical element with the symbol Ra and atomic number 83.
    • It was first discovered in 1898 by Pierre Curie and Marie Curie.
    • Radium's main practical use has been in the medicine producing radon gas from radium chloride to be used in radiotherapy for cancer.

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