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The plugging gives the ___________
1. zero torque braking
2. smallest torque braking
3. highest torque braking
4. none of the above

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : highest torque braking


  • Plugging braking of induction motor is done by interchanging connections of any two phases of the stator with respect of supply terminals
  • Plugging is used to reduce the speed of motors
  • The supply voltage V and the induced voltage Eb (back emf) will act in the same direction
  • The effective voltage across the armature will be (V + Eb) which is almost twice the supply voltage
  • During plugging external resistance is also introduced into the circuit to limit the flowing current
  • Thus, the armature current is reversed and high braking torque is produced
  • It provides the highest braking torque in comparison to rheostatic and regenerative braking systems.

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