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‘Division of chairs into leg, back and seat’ is an instance of
1. Logical division
2. Physical division
3. Cross division
4. Metaphysical division

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Physical division

The correct answer is Physical division.

  • Physical Division
    • It is also called the Real division.
    • It is the resolution of an individual thing into the natural parts that develops it.
    • Example 
      • The car has many parts like a wheel, engine, mirrors, etc.
      • The chair has many parts like the leg, back, and seat.

  • Division
    • It means dividing or breaking something into parts.
    • In other words, dividing the broad field of study into the specialized field of study.
    • Example: Computer has many parts like RAM, ROM, etc.
    • It is of three types
      • Physical Division
      • Metaphysical Division:
        • Example: Human being into body, soul, or spirit.
        • It is the resolution of things or objects into the attributes which they possess.
        • Also called Mental distinction.
      • Logical Division
        • It is the resolution of a class into sub-classes that develop it.
        • Example: Triangle into Right-angled, Acute-angled, etc.
  • Cross Division
    • ​In this division, the class is divided in various ways.
    • Each sub-class in these ways intersects every sub-class in each of the other ways.
    • Example: Division of Indians into rich, poor, intelligent and dull’ 

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