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What is a syngas ?
1. It is a gas mixture of CO, H2, CO2 and N2
2. It is a gas mixture of CH4, O2 and CO 
3. It is a gas mixture of CH4, CO2, N2, H2 and O2
4. It is a gas mixture of H2, and O2

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : It is a gas mixture of CO, H2, CO2 and N2

The correct answer is It is a gas mixture of CO, H2, CO2 and N2.

  • 'Syngas' or 'synthesis gas' is a combination of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, small quantities of carbon dioxide, and other trace gases.
  • Normally derived from feedstocks, Syngas contains carbon, such as biomass, natural gas, heavy oil, and coal.
  • Syngas is produced as a result of the gasification of a carbon-containing fuel to a gaseous product that has heating value.
  • Syngas has 50% of the energy density of natural gas and hence it can be burnt and used as a fuel source.
    • Refinement of syngas before use allows CO2 to be stripped from the raw gas thereby enabling the use of CO2 in enhanced oil recovery processes.

  • Applications of Syngas
    • Steam for use in turbine drivers for electricity generation.
    • Nitrogen for use as pressurizing agents and fertilizers.
    • Ammonia for use as fertilizers and the production of plastics like polyurethane and nylon.
    • Methanol for the production of plastics, resins, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, paints, and also as a component of fuels.
    • Carbon monoxide for use in chemical industry feedstock and fuels.

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