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The introduction of new life forms in a denuded habitat is initiated by the process of :
1. Ecesis
2. Aggregation
3. Migration
4. Coactions

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Migration

The correct answer is Migration.

  • New lifeless bare areas are also created by man, for example, walls, stone quarrying, burning, digging, flooding large land areas under reservoirs, etc.
  • The seeds, spores, or other propagules of the species reach the bare area through the agency of air, water, or animals.
  • The process starting from the time a propagule leaves the parent plant to the time it arrives in the bare area is called migration.

  • The ability of some migrating plant species, having arrived at a new site, to germinate, grow, and reproduce successfully, while others fail to become established in the new environment.
  • The establishment of organisms at the location.
  • In this final stage of invasion, the successful immigrant individuals of a species increase their number by reproduction and aggregate in a large population in the area, and in consequence individuals of the species come close to each other.
  • The interactions, particularly competition, among the organisms.
  • Individuals of a species affect each other's life in various ways this is called Coaction.

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