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Find the mean of the Binomial distribution if n = 10, p = 4/5, q = 1/5
1. 5
2. 8
3. 10
4. 2
5. 4

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : 8


Binomial distribution: 

If a random variable X has binomial distribution as B (n, p) with n and p as parameters, then the probability of random variable is given as:

P(X = k) = nCpk q(n - k) where q = p - 1, n is the number of observations, p is the probability of success & q is the probability of failure.

Note: The mean of a binomial distribution is np and variance is npq.


Given: n = 10, p = 4/5, q = 1/5

As we know that, mean of a binomial distribution = np

\(\rm ⇒Mean = 10 \times \frac{4}{5}=8\)

Hence, the correct option is 2.

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