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While going out, Shayana used to check whether the door of the refrigerator is closed properly,

the electrical appliances which aren’t in use are switched off, all the lights, fans, AC buttons are off,

all doors and windows are properly closed and locked. According to you, which activity of Shayana does NOT impact energy conservation?

1. Doors and windows are properly closed and locked
2.  Light, fans and AC buttons are off
3. Checking the door of the refrigerator
4. Switching of the power button of the electrical appliances like TV

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Doors and windows are properly closed and locked


A home appliance also referred to as a domestic appliance and these are divided into categories which are mentioned below:

  1. Small appliances
  2. Major appliances
  3. Consumer electronics

Now a days the usage of the consumer electronics are increased drastically and the appliances also become more in every house hold.

Each appliance consume some amount of energy to work in a specified manner and that energy is called as electrical energy.

The general consumer electronics are refrigerator, Wi-fi routers, washing machines, mobiles etc…

There is a list of some of the appliances and their wattages. Based on the power the energy will be consumed for the particular appliance.

Energy consumed = Power × Time used



Coffee Maker

900 – 1200

Clothes washer

350 – 500

Clothes dryer

1800 – 5000


1200 – 2400

Hair dryer

1200 – 1875

Microwave Oven

750 – 1100





36” Television



800 – 1400



From the given list of items doors and windows are not responsible for any power consumption. So, option 1 is correct.

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