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The computer unit that is used for mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is known as :

1. Arithmetic and Logic Unity
2. Control unit
3. Primary Memory
4. Secondary Memory

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Arithmetic and Logic Unity

The correct answer is Arithmetic and Logic Unity.

  • In computing, an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is a combinational digital circuit that performs arithmetic and bitwise operations on integer binary numbers.
  • This is in contrast to a floating-point unit (FPU), which operates on floating-point numbers.
  • It is a fundamental building block of many types of computing circuits, including the central processing unit (CPU) of computers, FPUs, and graphics processing units (GPUs).

  • Bitwise logical operations used in Arithmetic and Logic Unit:
    • AND - It is true when both the components are true.
    • OR - It gives true when any of the one components is true.
    • Exclusive OR - It is true if and only if its arguments differ (one is true, the other is false). 

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