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Who was the President of India when Anti-Defection Bill was passed?
1. R. Venkataraman
2. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
3. Giani Zail Singh
4. Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Giani Zail Singh

The correct answer is Giani Zail Singh.

  • Giani Zail Singh was the President of India when the Anti-Defection Bill was passed.

  • The Anti-Defection Bill was passed in 1985 in Parliament but came into force on 18 March 1985.
  • The provision of Anti Defection Law is given in the 10th Schedule of the Indian constitution and is inserted by the 52 Amendment Act.
  • The Anti-Defection Law prevents any Members of parliament to switch parties for any personal reasons.
  • Articles 102(2) and 191(2) deals with anti-defection in the Constitution.
  • The 10th schedule was included in the Constitution in 1985 by the Rajiv Gandhi government.

  • Members of the Parliament or State Legislature may be disqualified on the following grounds:
    • Members of a Political Party:
      • When voluntarily resigned from his party or disobeyed the directives of the party leadership on a vote.
    • Independent Members:
      • If a member has been elected as “Independent” and he/she joined a political party, he/she will be assumed disqualified.
    • Nominated Members:
      • Nominated members who were not members of a party, may choose to join a party within six months; after that period.

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