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What will be the output of the following?


int main()


int a = 5;


return 0;


1. A
2. 0
3. Abnormal termination of program
4. 5

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Abnormal termination of program


  • In C, the scanf feature allows a programmer to accept input from a standard input device (keyboard) and store it in variables.
  • The scanf function is very similar to the printf function.
  • It reads data from the input device rather than printing it on the output device.
  • Each variable must be preceded by the ampersand (&) address-of operator in scanf function.


1) int a;

   scanf (" %d ", &a);

This will take the integer value and assign it to a, (No error).

2) int a;

   scanf (" %d ", a);

It will gave "Segmentation fault" 

It means accessing an invalid memory location, result in abnormal termination of the program.

Hence the option (3) is correct.

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