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Identify the output of the following C code snippet.




int main()



printf ("Test 91!\n");

return 0;

1. Test 91! Test 91!
2. Test 91!
3. Hello 91!

Test 91!

Test 91!

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Correct Answer - Option 4 :

Test 91!

Test 91!

Concept :

  • In computing, particularly in the context of the Unix operating system and its work likes, fork is an operation whereby a process creates a copy of itself.
  • It is usually a system call, implemented in the kernel.
  • The fork is the primary (and historically, only) method of process creation on Unix - like operating systems.


The purpose of fork() is to create a new process, which becomes the child process of the caller. After a new child process is created, both processes will execute the next instruction following the fork() system call.

So the system will execute the print statements 2 times.

Hence we will get output as:

Test 91!

Test 91!

Hence option (4) is the correct answer.

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