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Who started the ‘Silk-route’ (Marg) for Indians?
1. Kanishka
2. Harshwardhan
3. Ashok
4. Fahien

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Kanishka

The correct answer is Kanishka.

  • King Kanishka started the Silk route for Indians.
  • The great silk route to the Indians was opened by Kanishka. Silk Route was established during the reign of the Han Dynasty of China.
  • Silk Route It connects China with East Europe Mediterranean countries and Central Asia, passing through India.

  • Kanishka was the most powerful ruler of the Kushana Empire. The capital of his empire was Purushpura (Peshawar).
  • In Kanishka’s reign that Buddhism was divided into Mahayana and Hinayana.
  • King Kanishka was the founder of the Shaka Era of A.D. 78.
  • The famous poet in the court of Kanishka. His name was Ashwaghosha. Buddhacharita; a biography of Buddha was written by Ashvaghosha.

Kings Details

Harshavardhana was one of the most important Indian emperors of the 7th Century.

Harshavardhana’s empire extended from north India to the Narmada River in central India.

The emperor himself was a writer as he had penned down three Sanskrit plays, namely Ratnavali, Priyadarsika, and Nagananda.


King Ashoka was born on 304 B.C in Pataliputra.

Ashoka was the third emperor of the Mauryan dynasty, grandson of its founder Chandragupta and son of the second emperor, Bindusara.


Faxian was a Chinese Buddhist monk and translator who traveled by foot from China to India, visiting sacred Buddhist sites in Central, South, and Southeast Asia between 399–412 to acquire Buddhist texts.

He described his journey in his travelogue, A Record of Buddhist Kingdoms.


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