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Which of the following movements was started with an aim to spread modern western education amongst the Muslims of India?
1. Deoband Movement
2. Wahabi Movement
3. Khilafat Movement
4. Aligarh Movement

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Aligarh Movement

The correct answer is Aligarh Movement.

  • Aligarh Movement:
  • It was a systemic movement aimed at reforming the social, political, and educational aspects of the Muslim community.
  • The movement undertook to modernize Muslim education by adapting English as a medium of learning and western education rather than just focusing on traditional teachings.
  • Sir Syed established the Scientific Society in 1864, in Aligarh to translate Western works into Indian languages to prepare the Muslims to accept Western education and to inculcate scientific temperament among the Muslims. Hence option 4 is correct.
  • The Aligarh Institute Gazette, a magazine published by Sir Syed was an organ of the Scientific Society.
  • In 1877, he founded the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College on the pattern of Oxford and Cambridge universities. The college later grew into Aligarh Muslim University.
  • The Aligarh Movement helped in the Muslim revival. It gave them a common language— Urdu.

  • Deoband Movement:
    • A school of Islamic Theology at Deoband Saharanpur, UP
    • Mohd. Qasim Nanautavi & Rashid Ahmad Gagohi started Deoband Movement in 1867.
    • To Improve the spiritual & moral conditions of Indian Muslims.
  • Wahabi Movement:
    •  From 1820-1828 in Rohilkhand by Syed Ahmed of Rae Bareilly.
    • Popularized the teachings of Waliullah; stressed the role of individual conscience in religion.
  • Khilafat Movement (1919-20):
    • Muslims were agitated by the treatment done with Turkey by the British in the treaty of Severus that followed the First World War.
    • Two brothers, Mohd. Ali & Shaukat Ali started this movement.

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