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By which date did the British Government declare to grant India full self Government?
1. January 26 1946
2. August 15, 1947
3. December 31, 1947
4. June 30, 1948

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : June 30, 1948

The Correct Answer is June 30, 1948.

  • Clement Attlee, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, declared on 20 February 1947 that India would be granted "absolute self-government" by June 30, 1948.
  • Lord Mountbatten, a member of the royal family and a top British naval officer, was chosen to supervise the constitution-making process for the same purpose.
  • From 1858 to 1947, the British Crown ruled over the Indian subcontinent under the British Raj. In India, the law is referred to as Crown rule or direct rule.
  • In contemporaneous use, the region under British jurisdiction was referred to as India, and it included both areas directly controlled by the United Kingdom, known as British India, and areas governed by indigenous rulers but under British tutelage or paramountcy, known as princely states. The area was known as the Indian Empire, but not officially.
  • The new Dominion of Pakistan (later the Islamic Republic of Pakistan), with Muhammad Ali Jinnah as governor-general, and the Dominion of India (later the Republic of India), with Jawaharlal Nehru as prime minister and the viceroy, Louis Mountbatten, remaining as its first governor-general, were established on August 15, 1947, with official ceremonies held in Karachi on 14 August and New Delhi on 15 August. 

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