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The place where accessories are connected in computer is known as
1. Port 
2. Ring
3. Bus
4. Zip

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Port 

The correct answer is Port.

  • PORT:
    • A 'Port' in computer terminology, is the communication endpoint using which an external device can be connected to the computer.
    • The motherboard contains slots called 'ports' into which a cable of an external device is plugged.
    • The identification of a port for a particular transport protocol and address is done through a 16-bit unsigned number called the 'port number'.
    • Some important types of Port - Serial Port, Parallel Port, PS/2 Port, Universal Serial Bus (or USB) Port, VGA Port, Modem Port, Power Connector, Firewire Port, Ethernet Port, Game Port, and Digital Video Interface (DVI) port.

  • RING:
    • In 'Ring' topology of computer networking, all terminals are linked to each other in form of a ring and the data circulate from one terminal to another until it reaches the destination point.
    • This type of networking does not require a network server to control the connectivity between workstations.
  • BUS:
    • ​In this type of computer networking, the terminals are connected to a single central cable also called 'backbone'.
    • Here, in the case of 'bus' topology, only one terminal can transmit a signal at a time and the signal travels in both directions to all the terminals till it finds the destination point.
    • Since only a single cable is used in this type of networking, it is less expensive than others.
  • ZIP:
    • ​'Zip' file in computer terminology refers to a collection of different files compiled into a single compressed file of smaller size.
    • This zipping of files saves disk space as the zipped archive takes up less space in comparison to its uncompressed version.

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