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Which of the following is a feature of the Indian Independence Act, 1947?
1. Declaring India as a Republic
2. Accession of Princely States into Indian Union
3. Continuation of the title of "Emperor of India" for the British Crown
4. Partition of India

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Partition of India

The correct answer is Partition of India.

  • It provided for two dominion states: India and Pakistan
  • The boundaries between the two dominion states were to be determined by a Boundary Commission which was headed by Sir Cyril Radcliff. Hence option 4 is correct.
  • It provided for the partition of Punjab & Bengal and separate boundary commissions to demarcate the boundaries between them.
  • The authority of the British Crown over the princely states ceased and they were free to join either India or Pakistan or remain independent.
  • Both the dominions of India and Pakistan were to have Governor Generals to be appointed by the British King. The act also provided for a common Governor-general if both of them agreed.

  • The constituent assemblies of both the states were free to make constitutions of their respective countries.
  • For the time being till the constitution was made, both of them would be governed under the Government of India act 1935.
  • Any modification or omission could be done by the Governor-General.
  • British Government would not continue any control on any dominion.
  • The Governor-general was invested with adequate powers until March 1948 to issue orders for effective implementation of the provisions of the Indian independence act 1947.
  • Those civil servants who had been appointed before August 15, 1947, will continue in service with the same privileges.

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