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Which of the following subjects is included in the Concurrent List?
1. Agriculture
2. Public Health & Sanitation
3. Local Government
4. Forests

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Forests

The correct answer is Forests.

  • Education, forest, trade unions, marriage, adoption, and succession are among the topics on the Concurrent List that are of mutual concern to both the Union and State governments.

  • Concurrent List:
    • All the topics included in this list, both the federal and state governments have the authority to enact legislation. Notice that "Trade" is included in the state list. In contrast, "trade and exchange" is included in the concurrent list. As a result, the reading issue becomes crucial.
    • Forests were transferred from the State List to the Concurrent List of the Indian Constitution by the 42nd Amendment of 1976.
    • This gave the Union Government, along with the state governments, the authority to manage forests. When the department of environment and forests, which later became the ministry of environment and forests, was created in the mid-1980s, the Union Government's powers were consolidated.
    • The National Forest Policy of 1988 currently governs India's forests, and an upgrade has been in the works for nearly four years.
    • In 1952, the first National Forest Policy (NFP) was implemented in independent India. After that, in 1988, a new version of the NFP was created.

  • The Concurrent List(also known as List-III (Seventh Schedule)) is a list of 52 items included in the Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution (though the last subject is numbered 47).
  • It has the ability to be taken into account by both the state governments and federal.
  • Union List, Concurrent List, and State List are the three lists that make up the legislative portion.
  • In contrast to the federal governments of the United States, Switzerland, and Australia, the Union Government retains residual powers, as does the federal government of Canada.

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