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The first battle of Tarain was fought in the year ?
1. 1192
2. 1191
3. 1193
4. 1194

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : 1191

The correct answer is 1191.

  • The First Battle of Tarain was fought in 1191 between the Ghurids against the Chahamanas and their allies, near Tarain (modern Taraori in Haryana, India).
  • The Chahamana king Prithiviraj Chauhan defeated the Ghurid king Mu'izz al-Din, who avenged this defeat at the Second Battle of Tarain a year later. 
  • Second Battle of Tarain (1192), in which the Ghurid sultan Mu'izz al-Din defeated the Chahamana king Prithviraj Chauhan.
  • Third Battle of Tarain (1216), in which the Mamluk king Iltutmish of the Delhi Sultanate defeated and captured the former Ghurid general Taj al-Din Yildiz.

Some important Battles: 

  • First Battle of Panipat - 1526
  • Battle of Khanwa - 1527
  • Battle of Chausa - 1539
  • Battle of Kannauj - 1540
  • Second Battle of Panipat - 1556
  • Battle of Haldighati - 1576

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